What a Week!

Last week we were in Gran Canaria once again for the 2008 Maspalomas Pride. Obviously not at the Pride event again as that would require some form of time travel, merely at the location!

I believe it is quite possible to overdo a holiday destination and this could well be what has happened with me and Gran Canaria. Nice as it is to start a holiday running it is also quite cool to have a degree of mystery about a holiday destination and that is just not there any more with the island. It seems that I didn’t really have to think about going any where as I just knew where it was and how to get there. Even when I expected to get lost I discovered myself where I don’t normally get first time!

This time I did break from the normal haunts and revisited Las Palmas. Not quite sure where Tony went wrong in 2002 but this seemed reasonably sensible. Before long we had discovered the main shopping road and found somewhere to park.

[Memo to us – use sun protection when driving in a convertible]

I can’t say I was really looking forward to the capital but went there as Deej had never been and Nick was keen to hit the shops. As it happens, I did quite enjoy it and especially the lunch. I can’t remember ever having gone into a store café and been treated to waiter service with the waiters all dressed very smartly indeed. The cake and coffee were quite excellent.

Trying not to sound big headed I was quite pleased with myself for navigating so well and then to also find an alternate shopping area on the way home as well … shame I didn’t also work out just how many shops there were in the area around the Atlantico shopping mall as that could have taken several hours to explore.

Nick had one day break from Deej and me so we could each do our own thing. We went for a paddle in the sea and Nick cooked a leg on the beach.

Our rental car was a Megane convertible, the hard top sort and I like it very much. If I can sell the Sebring for the right price that could well be my next car as it is much more affordable to run and parts are easier to get.

Luton proved to be a good airport to use, much quieter than Gatwick. Coming back was quicker than I thought possible at a UK airport with what could not have been more than 30 minutes from plane to car.

Huge thanks to Robin for picking us up of course.

We were disappointed that the weather we had there matched that which was enjoyed here. Not begrudging those back here the nice break but rather just wishing we’d chosen a different week! This week with all the rain here would have been nice and Pride was such rubbish there we would not have missed anything by going the week after. OK, Deej and I would not have missed anything, I suspect Nick finding fun may have been more of a challenge.

Daisy managed to screw up big time. All she had to do was keep her head down and not attract attention. She did the opposite and I had social services to deal with whilst I was on holiday. Not that she was ever at any risk or uncared for but it is just one of those situations where it is easier not to get people asking questions in the first place so they don’t have to be answered.

All sorted now. Social services are happy nothing was wrong and Daisy’s school admit that their officer may have been somewhat over enthusiastic with her judgement to involve social services.

I was unhappy to hear Martyn didn’t find any twisters during his holiday. As I am unlikely to ever pluck up the courage (or money) to do it myself I was hoping he’d experience something amazing so he could tell me all about it. Oh well, at least there were some electric storms worth seeing.

For the record, petrol in Gran Canaria is around €0.87 (£0.68). Cocktails are around €4.50 (£3.54). A fillet steak done to an excellent standard would be around €11.50 (£9.00).

I am still awaiting news from the Tribunal people. My confidence in them is such that I am now convinced that they never fully understood the case in the first instance so their decision is actually flawed. If all they believed we were after was whether or not Jermaine was entitled to DLA then their decision is of no use to us at all. His entitlement was never in question only the issue of whether it was paid or not in relation to where he was staying and who was funding it.

Amazingly it is Friday already. This week has just flown by and I can’t remember what we have done except in that I know it has been quite a lot!

Our oven is busted and we can’t afford a new one so probably best we have a liking for salad at the moment. We can still use the hotplates and the top oven but that’s generally not enough for many of the meals we may want to prepare, it’ll have to do. Sunday shall be a challenge though! I am thinking Shepherds Pie is the best option as we can squeeze that in the top oven. A roast would be out of the question.

Now, I am probably beginning to waffle so I’ll end here … and everyone breath 😉

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  1. Hey Steve, I’m glad you’ve had a good holiday. Sorry to hear about the oven though. I’ve tried to send you an email, but I keep get it returned to me… Can you (try to) send an email to my hotmail account?


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