It works and it doesn’t, it’s here and it’s gone

When we got back from holiday we found out the cooker had stopped working. No oven so we were gutted as that meant loads of money to buy a new one. We have gotten kind of used to not using the main oven when, today, Deej flicks the wrong switch for the top oven and the bottom oven starts working! I don’t care why, gift horses and all that.

Today was also the day when I sold the Sebring (subject to collection). That means having the process of sourcing another car to go through. I’ve found a few candidates but am in no major hurry as it’ll be a couple of weeks before I have the cash for our car. Strangely I seem to have started my own little auto export service. The Citroen went to Morocco and this one is heading for Valencia in Spain.

Daisy has gone off with Paul to the Isle of Wight and I am kind of shitting bricks. That place doesn’t have a good record with my family so I shall be glad when she is home safe and well.

I want my diet to go quicker but I know that’s not good for me so shall have to settle for a slow progression. At least I am now several pounds from obese so that has to be good but I am also many moor pounds away from ‘normal’ 🙁

Robin is once again feeling the effects of his inconsiderate depression. Sadly, there is no magic wand.

Annoyingly, there are some things in life I cannot control. Robin’s depression, tornado’s and the weather … I’ll have a darned good go but suspect the latter two are beyond my abilities!

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