A’Up, Off to S Yorkshire

I have decided that tomorrow I am going to have a look at the car to the right there. It is just within my budget and only just but I am hoping to get a discount on it. It is the right model and the right colour. Indeed, I have seen no other similar spec car anywhere advertised. There is one other in Kent but though it says it is the same level of trim it so clearly isn’t.

I plan on having a test drive tomorrow to see how it goes and, if I like it, put down a deposit.

Didn’t really have to do a lot today. Anne took over the cooking of the dinner which was amazing by the way. Jermaine popped over around 5pm though he seemed a little tired he was still quite happy and bubbly.

Missing Daisy like hell, I guess I best get used to it.

What is this ‘Bebo’ thing all about? I joined it some time ago, I don’t even remember why now. In the last couple of days a few people have wanted me to add them to their friends list. One I am aware of but don’t actually know. One I know but have not spoken to in ages. Another I think I know and I think he’s gay and if it is him, his profile certainly gives the gay vibe off!

Back to this car … it is in Holmfirth which is the next village around to where Pete & Stan live. After the way they both acted when visited and Stan’s last appalling visit where there was no one he didn’t manage to piss off, there is no chance of us popping in for tea!

Maybe, if we decided to buy it, we could take Nick along for the collection and possibly he could meet up with Steve. He may still need to get a one way ticket home but it’s a possibility anyway.

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