Still more to do …

Managed to get the new car earlier … yesterday I got a call from a prospective buyer of the Megane in Solihull but he cancelled on me this morning. I was dead nervous at the dealership in case they discovered there may be something wrong with the Megane and the sale fell through … all went well though.

This is not an ordinary car though, for a start, the darned thing started talking to me! The nifty little bluetooth feature is voice activated. It works reasonably well but boy does it make some mistakes. It has not helped that others in the car deem fit to join in with the instructions confusing the system totally.

Yesterday the salesman at Mazda was a total arse! He called me first thing saying how there was this form which needed completing straight away so he required that I drove there, collected it, took it into town, got it stamped, drove back and then I could be on my way. My choice was, do as he asked or delay the new car by a week.

When I got back from the run-a-round I was none too pleased to see him smiling at me saying how quick I had been then starting to get on with his work. I suggested that rather than treating me as one of his slaves he may consider I am a customer and, had he done his job properly I would have had this form some three weeks ago and maybe he could consider offering me something for my time and inconvenience? He declined saying that he doesn’t get involved in what motability may want to do. I pointed out that motability had done nothing wrong by the Mazda dealership had. I further said, had I been paying cash that I’d have most likely cancelled the order because of his rudeness. He said that … if I want to cancel the order I can, he doesn’t care as he doesn’t make anything from motability sales anyway … further saying, anyway, I am getting an £18000 car for nothing so it’s worth a little running around!

Clearly getting no where with the guy I left but complained telling motability what had happened and they were none too pleased

For the record, the total cost to me of this deal is around £21000 over 3 years and I don’t even get to keep the car at the end of it!

Am still totally knackered, up again this morning, well, up at 07:50 but awake at 07:00

Hope a very happy birthday was had .. by the way and that head didn’t hurt too much the next day?

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