Sometimes I just have one of those days!

It would be really cool if I could get rid of this headache. I didn’t have one when I got up this morning, I actually felt quite good.

My plan for the day was that Social Services were to come here at 11, return James things to him and sort out the CRB checks. By midday there was no sign of them. After a few phone calls it seems that the CRB forms are still not available, no one has thought to chase these things up after two weeks! James stuff was also delayed. I had thought that, after getting the social services things sorted we could go out for the day to MK or similar but, circumstances took over and that now isn’t happening.

Had a good moan at social services for the inefficiency but also because they were witholding money which I needed to give james a viable bedroom. I am hoping they will get their act together by tomorrow. There are also several other complications which p*** me off more so that I am not mentioning here about the situation and getting it workable.

After getting the social services situation to a level which I could quantify I needed to get to ‘The Abbey’ as they sent me a letter saying how they could now resolve the account access issue. On arriving there it turned out it was all utter bulshit. I was again there for around an hour sorting out their crapness. Yet another complaint has been put in about them, boy they have me fuming.

The car, by the way, is lovely though the voice activated bluetooth is annoying.

At home I was getting questions being fired at me from all over the place. I made it clear I was not cooking dinner which just provoked more questions as to what were we having and who ‘was’ cooking it … can no one think without me?!!!

Whilst this was going on I get a text from Martyn … he’s totally pissed off because I joined the same social networking site as him after he showed it to me last Friday. Apparently this is totally not on, I am so not into what the site is about (besides that I was very much so a few years back) and because I have joined and he considered I don’t have the right, I am now blocked from that site and dumped as a friend. OK, so I know he is probably depressed again and I am an easy target but for heaven sake! Sometimes I have way more shit to deal with than worry what is and isn’t going to piss someone else off when I am totally not making any attempt so to do, it just happens like that sometimes … I also so did not buy a new car to piss anyone off, I didn’t decide to and then ‘not’ to buy a Prius to piss anyone off, that should have been seen as a compliment and I didn’t even base my decisions on whether or not it was a compliment or not. In reality here, I have gone out of my way not to piss off Martyn trying hard to word anything right which may set off the evil jealousy thing he has and not make him feel inadequate because that is the sort of guy I am, don’t annoy people or upset them unless I have no choice or it is totally accidental.

Well, fuck this!

I go out of my way for others, I don’t need most of the shit I get. If the Abbey doesn’t want my custom I will go to another bank, social services ‘will’ do the right thing because it is important to someone I care about that they do and, if Martyn wants to throw my genuine friendship back in my face then what the hell? I do have loads of other friends so I don’t have to keep going back for more, I just thought I was doing the right thing by him well, fuck that!

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