Wather it is or weather it aint

Well, right now it is, nice weather but, as of Monday, it aint meant to be again and that’s just a bummer to be honest!

Our James has been sending text messages again. I am not going write here what he said in them but I do find it all really sad.

Thing is, he has hit the bottom and just splashing around and telling himself it is all OK is not going to get him out of it. Indeed, if he follows his current path, the most likely outcome is that the bucket is likely to hit him on the head!

When stuck down a well and with no clue what to do, it is nearly always a good idea to ask for help from someone who has a rope. At the moment he is using a combination of a pair of wellington boots and social services wading in with a shovel and a spoon. Both tools really useful in their own right but rather useless when trapped in a well!

He could ask me for help, I know what he has to do to climb up. He could try his mum, or Sean but he’s not doing that, he’s just splashing around chatting to the rats expecting them to help him.

You see what I mean about how sad it is?

Daisy, on the other hand, is moving on. She’s rekindled loads of old friendships, been spending time with friends and generally having a relaxing time with little to no stress for what has seemed a terribly long time. She is really looking forward to the baby and college.

Not long to our civil partnership, we are still giggling during practise sessions … it’ll be alright, on the night. … shame the night will be too flippin late!

Zoey bought some skinnies yesterday and looks really great in them.

OK, out of gossip now

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