Just A Man Except Stupid

You know the other day how I was saying James was doing himself no favours with Daisy? Well, I could see Daisy always being upset and that is clearly no way to have a pregnancy so I asked her what she wanted to do. She asked me if I could talk to James, get him to see sense, agree to a few things so they stood a chance of getting back together again. Daisy wrote out what she wanted to say and I typed it up for her. James was contacted and told what Daisy wanted to do. At first he refused to deal with me claiming it was just between them but Daisy insisted.

I sent James some texts saying how it needed to be on Tuesday, incidentally, today. On Monday afternoon he sent me a text asking me to tell him what time. Off the top of my head I said 10:00. He wrote back and said he can’t make that, he has an appointment. I replied that it was rather silly asking me what time if he wasn’t going to agree to the time I chose … he replied that he doesn’t have to jump just because I say so!

Clearly that was a bit of a dumb reply seeing as any half sensible person would have simply started off the text messages with … I am free after (whatever), what time after that do you want to meet?

I called him, I lose patience with text messages after a while. I explained he had been a little silly sending out a reply like that but he didn’t get it. I asked how long his appointment was for, he said 2 hours and it started at 09:30 which obviously ruled out the morning .. he then said how he had some decorating he wanted to for his best mate and couldn’t really think of a suitable time .. I said I’d get back to him.

Daisy was sitting there in the back of the car whilst this conversation was happening and was totally pissed off that James would even consider decorating as a possible hinderer to a conversation about their future, it was not like he actually needed to do it and, from memory, he has used the same decorating story so many times now the place must be immaculate. She said she’d finally had enough. If their future together was so insignificant that he’d rather make excuses than talk about it then they obviously had no future together and sent that in a message to James. He telephoned, did his normal statement of … “For fucks sake Daisy, I am making an effort” To which Daisy replied, she had seen no evidence of that, it was just him once again saying he was making an effort but not meaning it. He then said she was a “Dickhead” and she could fuck off to her perfect dickhead family and hung up on her. That was followed by a text to my phone saying how I was a dickhead, he hated me and I was a prik … no, he can’t spell either.

So, that appears to be that. Not even Daisy is likely to be able to tolerate that sort of language and attitude.

Daisy is very lucky though, she has some amazing friends. She will do OK with her and the baby and, hopefully, some day she will get with some guy who will deserve her and be as amazing as she is, maybe she already knows him … I don’t know and it wouldn’t be my place to be telling anyone here even if I did know … which I don’t. (Did I mention I don’t know?)

Daisy is off on holiday June 22 with Matt and Anne, I think they could all do with the break to be honest.

Moved rooms around again slightly so that now the sofa bed is in the other lounge, the one which Daisy uses. That way, when we have guests they don’t have to feel bad about wanting to sleep whilst we need to use the office.

Acronym … in case you were wondering about the message title.

Back to James, he was apparently being very smug the other day about how Rachel, his friend in social services, said how funny it was that Daisy and just about everyone else think he should get supervised access to the baby when it is born. My advice to James would be, find out just where you stand legally before you get so smug, supervised access is way more than the law says an unmarried father is entitled to. Were it me, in his position, with his record, I’d be taking that supervised access and embracing it as the alternative is no access at all and there don’t need to be any court order for demanding supervised access as, quite frankly, he has no legal right to see the child anyway, end of.

He can go to court over it but then, the judge is going to ask for proof of his committment to the child both emotionally and financially … I really don’t think James is going to make any effort at all to financially support this child so it is a bit of a no brainer to even waste the time of the good judge.

You know what though, I’d love to be proven wrong! How amazing would it be if James finally realised just how badly HE has screwed up and do something about it instead of replying on social services to solve all his problems? We shall see. I imagine he’s going to get his Rachel to sort it for him. She’s going to try the intimidation method of, let him see the child, he has rights or maybe we need to check if the child is well cared for where it is etc … as long as Daisy ignores all that crap, there is sod all she can do, the law is, as they say, the law.

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