Happy Birthday

I think, with one thing or another, my birthday got kind of over looked. Quite understandable and I wasn’t overly bothered if I am honest. All the same it was OK. Matt & Anne came over as did Anna & Paul and Adam too … quite a group of special people … speaking of ‘special’ people in a different sense … (I need to explain a little recent history)

When James left he did so owing me rent. I told him that I would hold on to his TV until he paid what he owed. It would be fair to say he got quite off about that but then, I expected that but also expected that he’d ultimately agree and pay up.

Back up to date again and last night … Andy was on the phone to me saying happy birthday and apologising for not being at home personally to see me when André and Anastasia turned up. I was polite but André was rude as hell … the opening line being … “get the TV”. I did tell him that this was my house, that if he wanted to talk to me then he’d best be doing it with some respect but it didn’t change his mind at all. There were a few more demands from him then he eventually accepted he’d have to pay £40 before he could get it. He was then rude again so I told him to leave and he refused. The girls in the room were scared by this point. He then said that “Either you get the TV or I will” So I told him to leave again unless he changed his attitude so he said “Please can I have the TV”. I told him, yes he could, just as soon as he’d paid the £40 when I think was the time he said I was being childish. He handed out the £40, I took it, got the TV and off he went being quite smarmy and just sick really. A totally horrible man in every respect.

So, could have done without that on my birthday but, idiots like him don’t scare me any longer, I am way past all that. The man was just annoying twat.

James is not doing himself any favours with Daisy right now, which is annoying. Seems each time they talk he makes matters worse which means Daisy gets upset and it costs me more money on the phone!

Spoke to a social worker for Daisy earlier, seems nice enough and says he’ll try and get the whole social worker thing working together rather than against each other, we shall see. I cannot imagine Rachel at the laeaving care team ever giving any ground on her secretive little relationship with James.

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