Hmmm …. hols

The first few days of the holiday went really well then I developed a nasty throat thing and cough. Even if I can control the pain I am remaining worn out. I cannot manage more than a few hours activity each day. This has also meant that the theme parks have been cut down loads. We have so far done … Seaworld, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and both Universal Parks. Epcot we barely touched on. We arrived late and all the fast pass tickets had gone and the rides had nearly 2 hour queues. We need to try and get back some morning to play catch up. Tomorrow we hope to do Hollywood Studios. Still, as I am currently feeling I shall not be doing Rock and Roller Coaster, I may try Tower of Terror. I did do Exhibition Everest at Animal Kingdom … a great ride except I hated it feeling like this but I know I’d love it if well. The Hall of the Presidents in the Magic Kingdom is awesome. It is difficult not to get caught up in the patriotism of the place despite having nothing to do with the US except being here right now. Back at Epcot we did ‘Gods Golf ball’ as Robin calls it and really enjoyed the experience.

We were upgraded to a 4 bedroom house which seems really excessive for the two of us and, to be honest, all the walking miles to get a drink, go to the loo etc is getting a little tiresome! Our master bedroom, for example, has the bedroom with double entry doors … a walk in closet, an en suite bathroom and separate shower and a toilet in another room. Give it a kitchen and it’d be a luxury bedsit!

The car is a Dodge Magnum

It looks very much like a Chrysler 300 estate but the front is more Dodge Charger … it has several different levels of flying so I have to be careful with the gas pedal! It is certainly huge though not such an issue in a country where ‘huge’ is normal. The fuel gauge does seem to move whilst looking at it but then, fuel is about $2.20 or so a gallon which is something just under 50p a litre in our terms so I can live with some refills now and then. One thing is for sure, the sat nav has been a huge advantage. It has meant I only have to think of somewhere and it finds it and gets us there making driving a lot easier.

Well, that’s just about it for now … the weather, for those of an interest, has been about 30C each day or warmer but each day has also seen about an hour of rain and a few days we have had dramatic storms. Thought about Martyn during one such when there was this one particularly violent one and a huge crash and we just said, as he did, ‘for fucks sake!’ It’s not on video though.

On a very serious note … I learnt the other day that something I had said about some of the people round on Duston had got back to them and they were upset … maybe, Anna, it would have been better had you also mention you are just about the only person you know who reads this? My blog is not private, it is ‘out there’ on the net. Thing is, it really is hardly read by anyone. None of those in Duston had anything to concern themselves over … my opinions would be far more greatly spread by word of mouth than anything written here. Had Anna not mentioned it then the entire Duston area would be blissfully unaware it existed, now that she has it means that some who ‘now’ read it may be offended by what I have to say. Remember, I write how I am feeling at the time from what I know and what I have been told or have pieced together. If I make a mistake, I’ll listen and put the record straight, this isn’t a war, I am not out to get anyone.

For the record, … not that many gay people are “AIDS VICTIMS” and you know who you are for saying it. I had a comment I made about him removed … just so as he’d not go upsetting people who don’t need upsetting. But.a guy makes comments such as those in quotes above, he cannot expect much if any respect. Ignorance is no excuse for rudeness. It doesn’t excuse prejudice on the grounds of difference … gay kids can happen to anyone, no matter how homophobic their parents. Maybe he should remember that when making sweeping comments about entire segments of the community. His child could be gay, he won’t know until the poor little kid has experienced years of his dads homophobic comments and then, if his dad is capable of sticking by his convictions, he’ll be kicked out as an “AIDS VICTIM”. For the record, had he not posted an anonymous comment, I would have allowed it through. I never post anonymous comments unless I have been asked to post something that way by someone I know.

Should Mr Anonymous want to have a chat when I get back from Florida and can manage to keep his prejudicial beliefs to himself, I am willing to meet him as an equal adult. If he starts with the threats then he’s lost the argument. I have wanted to chat to him for some time anyway as he’s been quite influential behind the scenes these past many months. Just maybe, if he’s up for it, he’s up for sitting quietly and hearing by side of events? I promise I won’t breath too heavily, you know, so he wont catch ‘gay’ or something!

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