Crunch time …


Yes, today is the day when Sean’s phone either sells or doesn’t. Last night there were 6 people watching it, this morning down to 5. I never really expected anyone to place a bid until at the earliest, an hour before the end time, around 9pm. Even so, all this waiting is … grrr!

All I have sold previously is a car, true, a big thing to start with but, I am not an ebay regular so I don’t really understand the rules. Selling this phone would be amazing not because of the money but that I actually managed to sell something!

Immy & Josh both fed and watered, shopping done, dishwasher emptied and put away, made breakfast for me n Deej and only just gone 10am!

Best get back to it, Deej has been with both of them for 5 minutes now!

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