Annoyingly, it didn’t sell Sad smile My first attempt at selling something other than a car was a fail. Am relisting and trying a different marketing ploy but, what the hell do I know?!

The bottom line is, this is a phone which, with a little shopping around, someone could get for about £70-80. We started it at £90 with a ‘Buy it now’ of £120. Well, that figure can stay, I don’t think it makes much difference. But, what I have done is lowered the start price to £65. With that, someone is getting it market value even including the P&P so, if they’ve done the homework, they’ll know it’s an OK deal. Sean thinks he can sell it locally for around £50-60 so, anything more than that is a bonus. In short, I now believe it is priced realistically and, on a good day with a following wind, it could still make that £120 figure simply because we have seen the same phone go for more.

Listing is finished Saturday eve, we’ll see what happens. BTW, should anyone be tempted to look, please don’t add it to a watch list, it screws up what I am looking at!

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