Another Last Day

Before heading off on holiday!

Tomorrow we head south to Ashford and thence, onwards to France on Sunday and Disneyland!

Our plans have changed, this is not entirely the holiday we planned. It’ll be good anyway. It is nice to have someone at home looking after the place for us.

Am going to miss, Anne, Matt and Immy but, it’s only a week so back soon enough.

This week has been eventful and, then again, not so. Promises were made, as yet, no sign anything is changing. That’s annoying because, as with Martin Luther … ‘I have a dream’. Sadly, as with his dream, it may take decades to come true, if it ever does! My general rule is, our kids come first unless we can sneak some time for ourselves in their somewhere. If we see our friends more often than we see our kids, we have it, totally, 100% wrong buster!

I was once offered a millionaire lifestyle. All I had to do was move away from my kids and just see them now and then. He was a lovely guy too, something could have worked but, you know what, it took me fractions of a second to refuse the offer. No amount of money or other incentive on this planet could have turned me into ‘McDonalds Dad’, that sad specimen that see’s his kids once a months, buys them McDonalds, hands over some money and then walks out their life again for a month … that is totally not me. Boys play with their toys, men play with their children.

Oh boy, the weather! I so hope we get out the country and all the way to Disney this weekend! All the planning just has to mean something. Was -5°C earlier!

Now 01:45, less than 11 hours and we’ll be on the road! Good job I don’t need sleep! Oh, and, Harry Potter too!

Write again in a week or so but, for now, signing off!

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