Well, we’re back!

Firstly, fuel prices … France £1 a ltr – UK £1.25 a ltr! Are we being totally ripped off there or what?

On other comparisons … once we got away from totally piss take rip off Disney, the prices in France are quite reasonable and certainly no more than the UK … as for Disney itself, boy does that company know how to take the piss on prices … a small coffee, and I mean, barely bigger than espresso size in a paper cup £1.70! A basic cheeseburger is around £7! A 2ltr bottle of Coke at £2.70. The whole place is crazy on expense. To make matters worse, they also have no respect for their customers. The theme park entry price is the same every day and yet, during the week the amount of closed attractions, some of them big or new attractions, is astounding! These are not planned maintenance closures but money saving exercises. If the ride is closed then they don’t have to pay the staff to operate it making huge savings across the park. It’s a very bad practise which only leaves a bitter taste with customers who feel they are being promised rides Disney have no intention of operating during the week.

We managed to have a good time though despite this, we normally do. It was cold, bitterly cold. The temperature never raised about -2°C all week and on Thursday and Friday fell to -5°C and those are daytime not at night which was much colder!

By the end of the week we had over 4” of snow settle

It was really pretty though and made for some interesting pictures.

There are over 800 pictures, the ones above are a tiny selection (like you couldn’t work that out for yourself!)

I shall try and post more messages later when I have time. Right now I am off to the hospital again to get some new moulds done for my hearing aids

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