NYC Part 2

Disney Store on Times Square which plays Karaoke Disney Songs!

Maybe one of the most famous Toy stores in the world, quite likely Toys R Us own it now! This is the last one left but it isn’t where it used to be in Times Square any longer, back then it was used in the Tom Hanks movie ‘Big’. That building is now Toys R Us and this is next to the huge underground Apple Store by South East Central Park.

Not sure if Daisy or Adam found this store but it was rather a large place dedicated to anything that would horribly give a dentist nightmares, unless they considered the money they’d make on all those bad teeth!

I decided that the only way to get the right shot in Times Square was to actually sit in the road, it was quite fun having the traffic whiz past me really!

We had a totally lazy day where we went to just about nowhere near anywhere important. There we visited a Wal-Mart Super Center and a TJ Maxx which is the same as our TK Maxx only a lot further west than our stores. For midday meal we went to Cracker Barrel where I have been several times but Adam and Daisy hadn’t. It was lovely as always. It was a relaxing, no camera day so, sorry, nothing to show you.

Another visit to Manhattan only this time in much better weather!

It takes around 30 minutes to get from here to Battery Park, you can see the Freedom Tower over my right shoulder. This day was planned to perfection, get there really early, the subway to 34th St and the Empire State Building then onto the ‘Top of the Rock’ on 50th followed by a wander to FAO and Dylan’s then to Central Park Zoo, through the park and onto The History Museum followed by the subway south and home. Well, all went brilliantly, we got the ferry early, in Manhattan by just after 9 and then SHIT! We’d left the damn tickets back in the hotel! So, back on the next ferry, drive back to the hotel, back to Staten Island, get the next ferry, back to Manhattan by which time it’s now 11:30! The queue up the ESB is now 3 hours which would seriously screw up everything. So, we belted up to 50th to the Rockefeller Building ‘Top of the Rock’ and book a slot there for going up. A dash to FAO whilst in the area then back to go up to the 69th!

As you see, the weather was a lot better but we were still very behind schedule so we decided not to attempt ESB until after dark

Central Park is often thought of as a scary crime riddled place best avoided. It’s really not, it’s amazingly peaceful, beautiful even with so many contrasts, so many different things to look at. True, it may be a brave or foolish person who wanders through at night but, by daytime it seemed plenty safe enough to us.

The temptation to be just a little silly is quite powerful

We had a 35 block walk from here back down to the Empire State Building (ESB)

Yes, that’s a long way!

I don’t think my night shots were too bad considering everything looks blurred to me at the moment!

The wait time was a very long and sticky 3 hours + and we still had to walk the last 6 floors!

We were so relieved to get the Subway home from 33rd Penn St back to the Ferry and even more relieved to get the cool air of the ferry back! I think we had Chinese for dinner, it was HUGE!

End of Part 2

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