NYC Part 3

Not sure how the moustache thing got going!

On the Thursday night we headed for New Brunswick to see a show. It was a sit down and eat comedy show and totally awesome, worth every dime and wasn’t actually that expensive. The amazing thing being, we paid for the entrance, a meal and our drinks with the meal were refilled free all evening! We watched a guy called Vinnie Brand, do a YouTube search for him, he’s so funny.

Friday was back in New York, you’ve seen that in update 2

On our final Saturday we did the Theme Park near Jackson, NJ. It cost a small fortune as it was expected to be heaving and, by evening, it certainly was! We paid a lot more for their best tickets which meant virtually no queues anywhere and the chance to ride the same ride twice in a row. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a park with so many coasters

Today was their ‘Resident Evil’ event so, the dark promised loads of Zombies, they didn’t disappoint with that one, it was really scary!

Our first ride was Kingda Kar … that tower is 45 stories high, more than half as high as the Empire State Building. Passengers are hurled forward to 128mph in around 3 seconds all the way to the top, hopefully over and down a spiral track the other side! It’s awesome and one hell of an experience!

Our second was this awesome wooden coaster and yes, we did this twice!

The 3 Amigos had an awesome time … still can’t believe I missed the first Zombie which got Adam & Daisy just inches away from me!

Zombies on stage, it gave us the feeling that if they were there they might not be so all over the place everywhere else!

Some friendly Zombies

Our final day was on the way to the airport. We didn’t have a lot planned. Basically it was go visit Coney Island, see the New York Aquarium there and then head for the plane. It was raining so the Coney Island bit was really short. We still did the aquarium but there is only so much to do there. So, from Coney Island, which was also familiar to us because of playing Grand Theft Auto on the XBox, we went to a local shopping area. We’d not done a Target store so thought we’d go take a look, we also had a lovely steak in a nearby steakhouse except Adam who sensibly for him, stuck to chicken. Still running too early I thought we’d go check out Flushing Meadows as I’d done with Sean.

Many will also recognise this from Grand Theft Auto as where we do destruction derby but also from Iron Man and Men in Black.

Our timing at the airport was then exceptionally good, just time to end that game of Uno …

… and then the flight home

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