Totally missed November!

My last update was way back on October 17th, that’s like, ages ago!

Since then I have finalised the issue with Northamptonshire Carers. I don’t think they care what they do but, that’s up to them, I am happy that my experience with them is now over and, whilst I regret wasting 3 years of my life volunteering for them, I do appreciate that there are some very genuine, decent and caring people who work there who do benefit other carers.

That’s the last word on that lot.

These are the photography exhibits since the last update


So, a fair selection of picture taking. Only one of those sessions where I felt a little used and abused but, that’s the rough with the smooth!

Robin has been getting his heart sorted which, after his stents, should now be OK for some time so, that’s good news.

I had a lovely weekend away with Don down in Brighton and didn’t take any pictures, how bad am I!

Finally had the surgery on my eye so that’s all sorted now. I have ordered my new glasses and am going to be trying out some contacts too, hopefully I can start wearing them again. That will enable me to do some of the things I’ve not been doing for a while such as swimming.

Last week I started the ball rolling for the divorce between me and Deej, feel sort of numb about that but, don’t have a lot of choice is the reality.

Christmas Decorations went up December 1st!

This week I plan to at least book my hair to be done but also to have a relaxing reiki session with Sue then head off to Kent with Adam & Zoey for a relaxing couple of days.

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