This Week

Went to see a show Tuesday in Birmingham



We had seats just near the front on the left as you look at the picture. Went along with Robin, Diana and, met Bill there who was lovely and got the tickets for us.

Having seen the film and loved it I was nervous about the play, I thought it might have lost something from the film adaptation. A strange thought really seeing as when I watched the film I was convinced they could barely have changed anything from the stage play except expand on some of the sets. Thankfully there was nothing missing, it was all there and in full colour too!

It would have been nice to stay for drinks afterwards but, it’s Birmingham, not exactly just around the corner. As it was we had to make a detour as they’d closed part of our route to roadworks so it took some time to get back. Even so, an evening out socialising over a shandy with others who turn up is quite appealing.

I’ve managed to get through some quite long days even on this medication but am still working on it, sometimes I just get too exhausted. I am aware that I am having my senses dulled so, this isn’t a cure, it’s just enabling me to cope with my situations well to hopefully get myself on the right path and then I can stop the medication because I’d have kicked the butts of my demons!

Am ploughing through Stargate SG1 and am now midway of season 4 … there are 10 seasons. Enjoying it but also noticing things I don’t think I’d have noticed had I been leaving larger gaps between episodes. Just silly things really, totally don’t matter. I’ve also noticed just how annoying the backing music is to many of the scenes. Each race has their own style, much of it sounds like Bejewelled. (This is not a good thing)

Yes, I know, the car needs cleaning, I also have two letters which need posting, gas and electric meters to read but, sod it, I am having the weekend off and relaxing. Unless he’s planned to go with anyone else I may join Sean in town tomorrow, not been for a while, might be OK. We’re out at the Toby on Sunday lunchtime, should be good if a little busy.

Wishing I was somewhere nice and hot with someone special but, being broke isn’t much helping with that one. Fingers crossed for later this year if I can without getting in debt.

Well, bed time I think, pillows still impressing me

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