Glass half …

As I am familiar with my house I really don’t need to turn all the lights on. This in mind I walked into the bathroom to fill a glass with water, it’s just a small glass. So, there I am in the dark filling up this glass cleverly using a finger as a guide to when it’s near the top, I like to use my brain me!

Got back to my room to discover the glass was only half full. Thinking back, I had my damn finger under the tap!

Anyway, I thought that might be amusing.

Ticking all the boxes

When it comes to dating and dating sites I have often believed, well, indeed, always believed that once I find someone who ticks all the boxes it is time to stop looking! So, why is it that the one who fits my requirements perfectly has to live the other side of the planet? Somehow I now need to give this a chance because, otherwise, I’ll always wonder, what if? Buggered if I know how right now though.


Hmm, I am not sleeping so well. Medication makes me sleepy but, now I have this cough keeping me awake which makes me really tired most days. I am also physically irritable, not mentally but my body aches a lot more at the moment which I am putting down to tiredness … grrr


Well, I got none so, that’s that really. I have a list of things I’d really like to do but nothing I can set in stone just yet. I have a huge debt to clear yet one way or another. I can’t make plans until that’s cleared up. High up on my list of things to do would be travel, of course, as that’s my passion. Philippines if I can to see Randy, possibly New York, maybe Gran Canaria, maybe none of them annoyingly.

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