Appeal for Zoey

URGENT – Our family and Zoey needs your help

It seems that we as a family are being blamed for causing her current condition. In a recent report with regard safeguarding it states that:

“Zoey was admitted to NGH in crisis –the risks of returning home are currently yet to be understood.”

It makes it clear elsewhere they consider there is a question mark as to her safety at home. Each professional involved with Zoey at every opportunity asks over and over what it was which triggered her situation at home. They are talking about potentially months of keeping Zoey at Berrywood whilst they investigate this. In my opinion, they know she shouldn’t be in an Acute Mental Health hospital but don’t want to admit their mistake. They want to justify their decision by claiming it is for safeguarding reasons.

What do I need you to do?

I need only those who know how much we cared for Zoey here, who know us as a family and who know how loving and caring we are to write to Berrywood Hospital. I understand that I am open this up to those who may seek to destroy this family but I ask that they remember that we’re talking about Zoey here, please don’t make up nonsense to stir up trouble for the rest of us sacrificing her in the meantime.

The contact Details are:

Berrywood Hospital
Berrywood Dr,

Attention of Dr Mann (Bay Ward)

For those who have read the blog entries, you will know the full extent of what has happened the past few months. Others might just know how they feel about us as a family and whether we are suitable to send Zoey home to. Anything you feel it is important to share with the Dr is important. It also helps if you describe the Zoey you perhaps knew from personal experience.

Please share as you might know someone on your friends list who isn’t on mine who might want to help too.

Thank you

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