Zoey Update 23 October

Meeting with the social worker today. There is stuff which is in the background it’s not appropriate to talk about in a public forum so, ask if you see me perhaps. Suffice to say, it might not have been so pleasant for the social worker to take the line she did earlier when up against 3 Williams!

We finally ran out of patience with all the estimates running into months of how much longer she would spend in hospital and I today gave a notice of intent to discharge her.

They have until just after midday on Monday to respond.

My guess is, if they have any common sense left, they will approve the discharge, if they don’t then I take it to tribunal. We need to keep Zoey safe and we can’t protect her whilst she is in a place for people with mental illness which she clearly does not have.

Zoey sobbed her eyes out earlier saying she wants to come home, she is coming home ASAP!

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