Enforced Break

For several days now my domains have all been down. That means, no websites and no email and this also includes, this blog.

Around 5 of the accounts are still dead, not a lot I can do about it until the nameservers (eh what and yawn) propagate fully throughout the web.

I had the day off today which means I didn’t get a break at all and my daily work tally is already over 10 hours!

Tomorrow I also don’t have the day off, things to do and all that. I may actually get to work on Thursday

My right ear seems to have died. It is really difficult to tell, these things always are, but either my ear is dead or my hearing aid has some serious issues and I cannot work out which … update, just jiggled about with hearing aids, bits and bobs and can confirm, it is my ear which is not hearing, the hearing aid is shit but working OK.

Crikey, look at the time again … I have to be up around 8am tomorrow too 🙁

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