Comic ‘Give me some ‘ relief (from it)

My word, this has to be one of the most boring excuses for entertainment ever. I know the BBC have been going down hill when it comes to comedy in recent years, hell, radio 4 is almost a byword for failed humour, but this effort, if we can be so generous, is dire, indeed, it make dire seem like a comedy sketch in its own right.

By the way and, as an aside, I am sure I gave strict instructions that today was to be warm and sunny, not impressed, not please at all.

Meanwhile … You see, I can see that the show is meant to be funny, the clue is, I suppose, in the title. However, maybe we should get advertising standards involved as the closest we have so far got to ‘comic’ was the hoodie the EMO boy was wearing in OXFAM, Manchester. People, this is simply not funny. Is it at all possible for this programme to get any worse? I suspect, quite tragically, that it is. All the talent we have in the country and yet we have Jonathan Ross heading the show so soon after his fall from grace for, basically, being Jonathan Ross which, as we know, is also another of those by-word things and, in his case, a by-word for arsehole.

To support them for just a little … Young Carers are getting a good mention. I doubt the general ignorant public will understand what they experience in their young lives. They, the general ignorant, are probably sat at home wondering why these kids are not at school where they should be, why their parents are so fat, why social services have not got it sorted yet. It doesn’t work like that people. Social services save somewhere like, hell, the country saves £87billion every year by ‘using’ unpaid Carers. It is not in their best interest to sort anything out. If they sorted it out the country would grind to a hault. That sort of money is more than the entire NHS budget, imagine that. If every unpaid Carer quit tomorrow the country really would collapse. That is how important unpaid Carers are. For Caring to start at such a young age is tragic. Yes, it is true that the kids learn so much, probably become great people as a result but, they have an entitlement to be children. No kid should have to work that hard. Hell, if they were forced out to work at that age, for those hours and on that money, people would be arrested, the word ‘abuse’ would be in the headlines. But, because these kids are born into their role it is somehow acceptable. Let me tell you, it is not.

How is this for a tangent and an inappropriate one at that? Earlier on this morning I booked our honeymood to Florida and debated what sort of car to book, whether to go for a basic car to get us from one place to another or to splash out a bit and really live it up … I chose the latter and am now feeling ashamed of myself. If I can console myself in any way it is that I do volunteer for both Young Carers and those of any age. This is demonstrated in the now ‘live’ website for Northamptonshire Carers which you can look at here Like many small charities they are also looking for direct donations even more so maybe for the older Carers. Please, anyone reading this, if you were moved by Comic Relief and want to offer something, cut out the middle man.

Speaking personally for a moment. As the father of disabled children and ‘normal’ children I have guilt, very real feelings of deep guilt and remourse. I don’t know if I could have done more to protect the ‘normal’ kids and save them having to be Young Carers, I really don’t. I question myself loads on whether I should have protected them from it, allowed them a full and healthy childhood. Not being directly in the role any longer it is easy for me to look back and wonder why I just could not get on with it on my own and left them out of it? How much different would their lives had been with a little more normality? If I had sorted something for the Caring role, had I not been so ‘Out’ as a gay man? I do blame myself because who else is there to blame? Maybe my failure should be shared with society which doesn’t support Carers, which leaves us to cope, feel isolated and be treated as the lowest of the low?

Is it my guilt which drives me on to help others now and do my best for them? Maybe that’s just me anyway but I do know I used to be a really lazy guy, I really thought I was owed something by society. Maybe by being forced to do so much I have learnt the lesson I needed to learn? Whatever the motivation, and I really don’t know, I am glad that I can help other vulnerable people. If I can make a difference then life is worth living. Thank you now and then would be nice but, if that has any part in my thought process then it cannot be a very significant part!

My this is proving to be a long one … as the actor said to the gardener.

I think I may be needing a holiday at some point!

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