I need warm sunshine

Don’t know about you but I am sick of walking across soggy mud, getting soaked in the rain, freezing, not knowing what to wear, opening windows, shutting them again, doors banging in the wind, rubbish all over the garden … totally and absolutely pissed off with it and propose that we declare Friday 13th March a good weather day with bright sunshine, a warm southerly breeze and beer in the garden. Glad we got that sorted.

News, Jade Goody is still alive, she is still in the papers every day and on TV and most of us are still wondering, who the fuck is Jade Goody? Look love, it’s terribly sad you dyeing and all but, who the hell are you? I mean, we have our ‘A’ list celebrities and our ‘B’ list and those on Eastenders but, Jade petal, if there is a list somewhere below ‘Z’, then it is too high for you! Please, your kids will do just fine in the local school, you don’t need a huge house, have some dignity love, give us all a break and spend what time left with your family … those that are not currently at her Majesty’s pleasure that is.

On a more local level … last Friday, travelling to the Carers Centre in Northampton, I turned into Overstone Road from St Michaels Road (Kinky Boots Road as I know it). Well, this bloke was crossing the road from right to left with his three lads so I stopped to allow him to carry on crossing. Two reasons, the first, it was just polite, the second, the law says I had to. I smiled at the fella, he smiled back, said thank you and then – BANG – I am hit in the back by some bloke driving a white van! The Mazda is a bit of a mess but the insurance will sort that out. The Transit was an even bigger mess … at least now I know how tough my car is. I think I may have injured my shoulder though. It is rather painful though I do still have full movement. Still trying to work out whether or not I should get it checked out.

Last week, and not bad for an unpaid volunteer, I was interviewing applicants for 8 newly created County Council positions of Carer Assessment Officers. It was actually great fun and very educational. Also, not a little daunting having the power to decide whether someone got the job or not. Speaking of work (as I call my unpaid volunteering), the website is now ‘live’. Go check it out at here . Just one last thing in relation to work, I know how boring someone else’s job can be … I have also been creating some display material for the doctors surgeries in Harlestone Road and Duston Berrywood Road. They should hopefully be on the wall within the week.

Update on ‘the wedding’. well, tomorrow we make the booking secure by paying upfront. Quite nervous about it to be honest. We may even get some rings sorted but I have not decided about that yet. Also, and this is not set in stone yet, I should be able to book our honeymoon. If I have done my sums correct we can manage two weeks in Florida. A large part of that will be paid for with Tesco loyalty vouchers else we’d be lucky to manage a weekend in Clacton! All that bit is reasonably certain. What is not so certain and something I have been reluctact to write about is, Daisy & James. For us lot this is becoming rather old, albeit very current, news. Daisy is expecting a baby later on this year, around September or October. James and Daisy want to get married the same day that Deej and I have out civil partnership. By then Daisy will be 16, he will be 17. Terribly young to be getting married but then again, in comparison to having a baby, not such a big deal. The problem has been James parents. For weeks they have been resolute in their refusal to give permission for James to marry as they must because of his age. Finally they have set down some conditions for this permission which James will have achieved by the end of this week. I am just so hoping they don’t hurt him even more by then refusing once again. I would like to somewhere down the line get the slightest piece of respect for these people.

On the subject of respect … James dad has refused to attend their wedding (if he allows it) on the grounds that it follows a civil partnership. On those same lines, my ex father in law has taken the same attitude along with the husband of Daisy’s mum. Why people cannot for just an hour or so place their prejudice to one side is beyond me.

Fingers crossed that James parents give consent and stick to it.

Now, should we send out any official invites? You see dear reader, I rather don’t want to read or hear any more excuses. If people want to be there then great, amazing in fact. If not, can they quietly just not be? Can people just RSVP a yes and keep their contrary opinions to themselves? I don’t know and this, you may have guessed, is what is making me wonder whether to send invites at all.

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