The end of week

I am hoping that by September 11th things will be a lot more settled.

We need to keep moving forward and not be stalled or, worse, heading backwards.

This is a very complex family, holding it together is a challenge so, a little more help would be greatly appreciate … they need me over at The United Nations and I have to keep fobbing them off so should everyone feel like actually sitting around the table it would be greatly appreciated!

At the very least, please, no more surprises. Let us just work on building what we have with the building blocks we have rather than complicating matters all the more.

What could be really useful would be to get rid of the dead wood, the stupid idiots who either just want to stir shit or, worse, do so in an official capacity. We don’t need any self styled Jeremy Kyle types, we, as a family, can work this out together so that everyone is happy. I am being honest here, I don’t think I have the energy for one more pointless onslaught from social services giving crap advice which only serves to put us back months and create tension … could they kindly go fuck the hell off!

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