This is what is happening between my mouse and keyboard and Deej’s and it’s flippin’ annoying!

If we both use our PC’s at the same time we are typing crap, nothing entered, too much entered and the mice are all over the place .. looks like we need to spend yet more money getting Deej wired.

Speaking of wired … for some weird reason I have had no speakers on my PC for months … I only noticed today, which is weird, but the speakers I use were not connected, didn’t even have a cable so I guess that they have been like that since we rebuilt the office and here I was thinking my hearing had gone crap because everything sounded rubbish!

Still ever waiting for grandchild number 1 to be born though I suspect it won’t be long … the ugly head of family politics is showing again so the sooner this baby is born and we can work out who is going to do what and how well, the better!

It would appear that a certain bitch has been stirring up trouble again, she needs shooting that woman! Why is it that someone can screw up so badly at raising their kids that they have to go into care that they then feel the need to cause problems for those kids all their fookin’ lives?

Social Services … those dealing with kids, they can go fook themselves now, bunch of arsewipes the lot of them!

Farmville is becoming too addictive!

What is the weather like where you are?

There should be the option on here to leave comments by the way.

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  1. There is an option to leave comments but this involved going on to your web page in stead of me being a lazy bum and reading my email :P.

    Yet again im agreeing with what your saying.
    And omg this baby is taking its time 🙁 lol
    love you

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