3 Hours

That’s how much sleep I got last night, not a lot.

Finally got to the doctors earlier … didn’t see one though, I got the practise nurse instead. I have an ear infection, what a shock that is. Of course, they don’t read the notes and she had zero interest in my opinion so I have a spray to use … this may work, it probably won’t. As for my throat, yes, she said it looked inflammed but that, there is not can be done except pain relief and it should sort itself … if it hasn’t after a week, go back!

I do have some fairly good pain relief here but it barely touches the pain I am getting. I have had much worse in my life though so I can live with it.

Am dead tired but, not sleepy. I know I should sleep but, will I?

Cleaned the car earlier, that’ll be 4 months and one day since we got it, that’s a lot of dirt! Can’t say it drives any better though.

Everyone else has gone to bed, I wonder if the dishwasher, the washing machine and the tumble dryer have been sorted … oh the wonder of it all, all bets are off by the way.

Robin is suffering a rough patch right not, probably the weather, much love to him.

Gonna go sort out downstairs then, maybe try for bed.

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