Windows 7

So, How is it?

Well, it is sort of Vista only different. Effectively many of the cool features of a Mac and Linux have been plonked into W7.

Many features I have been using little utilities for over the years are in too, ‘New Folder’ seems to be an option almost everywhere.

Sharing, should everyone in the house happen to have W7, is also a lot easier and more secure. I found with Vista there was just no controlling it. It’d say a folder was shared but it obviously wasn’t. W7 also seems to accept that the owner of the PC is almost certainly the one with the admin rights. Vista has an annoying habit of telling someone they don’t have access rights to this and that and it’s a bugger to get them, W7 tells you there are no access rights but then says, if you want to press OK, it’ll give them to you, how neat is that?

Many features I still have not yet explored but another I like is the new themed styles. Again, what used to be a utility is now part of W7 and has been on the mac for an age, the desktop background can be set to smoothly change at pre-assigned intervals, very effective.

On my system, the centre mouse button was stolen and used to cascade windows which was dead annoying when I was trying to open a new tab in Firefox.

WMP12 has a more user friendly interface, more like it was designed to do something rather than having had little bits added to it over the years.

Of course, the most important difference to me is not W7 at all, it is the speed of this machine!

It edits HD video as though it is downloaded web content!

Speaking of that, it is easy to see how Microsoft are moving toward web use with Windows Live. There seem to be an increasing amount of options for uploading, including this blog which would have been really cool had it not, yesterday, deleted the user interface meaning I had to upload the entire thing again!

If I notice anything else or anyone has some specific questions, let me know.

Nice to see the comment feature is working!

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