Get Knotted

No, not you … As we go through life little expressions are picked up and we maybe don’t give a lot of thought as to where they originated … with the expression ‘get knotted’ I have to confess I was of the belief it had something to do with rope, wrong!

It derives from the term ‘knotting’ which is what happens when the penis of the dog swell in the virgina of the bitch and they are literally knotted together until he ejaculated and releases the pressure. So, the term actually means .. go fuck a dog.

On another subject, our Josh has not been overly happy today. We’ve checked him over many times, nothing obviously wrong, seems he just wants some attention as he generally calms quite quickly once he gets it. All the same, listening to a baby crying, even for just half an hour or so, is quite traumatic.

He’s sleeping now but, soon due another feed. Debbie brought some clothes over for him yesterday (Monday) and I have washed them (I always do) and ironed them as they are as good as new. He’s already been wearing some today and duly puked on one as well … for that matter, he also managed to pee on Deej so, all in, an eventful day for the little guy.

I was going to say something else but … totally slipped my mind, it will pop back in again as soon as I get comfy in bed!

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  1. So that explains why some years ago in Spain two dogs appeared to be stuck together on the beach, not the case then of one pushing the other one up towards the sand dune…lol

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