A really good day

2015-11-16 09.26.48Breakfast with the family, well, first breakfast anyway, we’re sort of like Hobbits I think, we have second breakfast as well (no hairy feet)

Went to SM this morning and bought some new pillows, I have been borrowing so far so thought I should get some new ones. We had lunch in Mang  Inasal which was manic. Too much rushing about by staff and no enough doing.The food was good though and the desert was purple so it had to be good. Healthy might be pushing it a little!

After that we got the Jeepney back to the local Mall where Imee and I had a full body massage for a staggering £5 (ph350) for 1:20 of damn good stuff.

Back at the apartment again waiting for Dennis who’s still at work at the moment. In the background is the local Karaoke shop and, let’s just say it’s interesting.

Yesterday was a family day 2015-11-15 15.28.39 which I wasn’t expecting but great fun anyway. We were joined by Dennis’s Sister Veronica and her family. I shared some brandy and beer but did have to give up briefly as the jetlag still had hold of me, I missed Dinner but Dennis went out later and got me a burger & fries.2015-11-15 15.29.04

They are all looking after me here, I even having them picking the bones out my fish because I am fussy and bones just put me off eating.I have managed to do some things though!

I’m really enjoying showering in cold water, 30°C will make cold water seem really attractive.

I am a little dehydrated so need to drink more, that temp zaps the fluids out for sure!

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