A different few days

It’s great to have Zoey back home. Now the issues with social services escalate as they fight to save money and we fight to make sure she gets what she needs.

2015-11-14 03.05.00I heavily photoshopped this picture and it’s easy to think we were actually together in the same place. Obviously that can’t be possible because I am sitting here and my PC says it’s 2:11 in the morning. Isn’t it a nice thought though that we could actually be together.

The flight would be horrible though, cheapest I’ve seen is via China and who the hell wants to go to China? Even then it is a 10 hour first flight which I will no doubt not sleep on and then a 5 hour wait for another 5 hours on a plane where I might actually sleep for a couple of hours … if I were to do that sort of thing.

I’ve even heard that China are obsessed with batteries, even if you follow all the instructions if they deem they are not for everyday use, such as in a camcorder, they will remove them and dump them, how terrible is that?

The horrible things unfolding in Paris, it’s appalling what terrorists do in their warped version of religion. They are just sick B********!

Good news Russia got suspended, won’t last but finally someone is telling them they are not above fairness and the law.

I think someone must have turned the heating up as it’s really hot here, no point trying to sleep now.


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