Integration & Immigration

There must be some countries which get it right but I know the UK doesn’t and has not done so my entire life.

What people seem to object to most if the identity of their country being destroyed. We have towns in the UK now which are almost totally dominated by alien cultures. It doesn’t matter where they are from, that’s not the point. Where we went wrong was that we’ve just never insisted that those who moved to the country had to do anything to embrace it. They were encouraged to move in and being their culture with them. We made a few suggestions that it might be useful to integrate but we never insisted. Many even third generation immigrants speak with accent of their great grandparents home, not this country. They were allowed to place demands for equality when it came to all things religion especially. The more moved in and refused to speak English, the more English speakers moved out. Easily created entire areas of the country many born here won’t recognize as England. My own birth town now has changed beyond recognition almost. In the small parade of shops so many now are not traditional British. It leaves a feeling that ‘they’ have taken over. My existing home town has seen a huge influx of Eastern Europeans. It’s possible to visit the town centre and not hear English now. That’s not right, it’s not pleasant when we go to the Spanish Costa’s and hear mainly English, we should feel we’re in Spain.

It must be impossible for indigenous culture to remain and dominate regardless of immigration. I don’t really know how but I know a start would be for us to stop being terrified of having the conversation in case we get labeled racist.

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