Confused & Bemused!

I thought it was simple, search for job, get job, do job, loads of money, retire, sorted!

I thought people who had more than one job were crazy.

I thought zero hour contracts were for the scum, the people at the bottom of the employment chain who can’t get anything better.

Less than 18 months in to my employment reboot after nearly 30 years as an unpaid carer, I am doing my last few days of job number 4.

I potentially have two other jobs lined up, both zero hours, nothing certain

I am really just sick of it all. Always, I knew, get to be over 50 and it is going to be tough but, I didn’t realise just how tough.

Keeping my optimism is quite difficult now. Remaining upbeat challenging know how financially we’re going to be screwed!

Something will turn up, now would be good. Just right for me, even better. A role where I can manage my M.E. not put too much strain on my tennis elbow, perhaps have a quality home life and get paid at least a worthwhile income every month.

I am possibly in need of a fairy Godmother, or fairy Godfather, I am not sexist!

If that is too much to ask for, a lottery win to cover all our debt, cover the future visa costs and, to allow me to enjoy life despite my ‘conditions’.

Hmmm 🙂  ?

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