Don’t have Nightmares

I remember there was a TV programme about helping the police catch criminals. At the end the presenter would always say ‘Don’t have nightmares’. The explanation was simple … Just because we know there is bad in the world it doesn’t mean the world is bad. The World is basically a good place full of good people. Sadly, too many of those good people are led by powerful people desperate to hold on to their power whether they be dictators or religious leaders. Too many (mainly men) demanding obedience (or else).

In 17 US States it is legal to marry off underage girls, no lower age limit if they are pregnant. So against the threat posed by their church are the parisherners that they would rather marry their daughter to her rapist than to bring a bastard into the world. I saw a guy interviewed who got a 14 year old pregnant when he was 24. He said he was no pedophile because pedophiles went for like, children, under 10. Translation of that is, any girl over the age of 11 is fair game. He married the girl, they got divorced and clean away with rape with the agreement of her father! I know, it is shocking but, most places are not like that in America. For every member of the Westboro Baptist Church there are hundreds or thousands of good, decent people who value everyone equally.

Remember, for every Muslim terrorist there are thousands of peace loving Muslims out there. For each Sultan of Brunei there are world leaders embracing diversity.

Every street might have a noisy, anti-social neighbour but, they don’t make an area bad, it is the good ones not getting to know each other that lets the bad ones shine.

We need to let go of our stereotypes and get to know people before making judgements. No nation can be held responsible for the actions of a few, no criminal makes us all criminals.

Sleep well, don’t have nightmares.

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