Lucky – One man’s luck …

What is luck?

Of late it is tempting for me to believe I have been really rather unlucky. I have a mountain of debt, my health is awful. I can’t work, most days I barely function, these things are all true. If I wanted to I have enough things I could highlight to demonstrate that the world hates me but … does it?

My mum would argue that she had arthritis because she had the strength to cope with it and if her having it meant other less strong people didn’t have to, then it was OK. That’s a way of thinking about it for sure.

Some would claim that eventually Karma will recognise all the good I have done and luck will head my way because life has to balance out the good and the bad … yeah, that’s another viewpoint!

Again, some might say that “we make our own luck”. A valid point to be sure but, hmmm, not quite sure that’s how it works either.

My thought is that I am what I am. What I am makes me who I am and what I do with that is up to me.

“I love you granddad” … how precious a gift is that? “Dad, I love you”, wow, priceless. “Dear, I love you”, I am floored by the miracle that is. Having someone say “I love you” is what makes us a success or a failure. It isn’t how much money we have, what we do for a living, they don’t really compare.

Why do we ask people ‘what do you do for a living?’ as though somehow this defines them? Why not ask “What do you do in life?” or “What makes you happy?” Both those are significantly more important if we are honest about it.

I would rather give what energy I have to those I love, it makes my life worth living.

One thought on “Lucky – One man’s luck …

  1. I agree with you .. peoples love for you is more than important .. people are not putting you down when asking what you do for a living it’s just a question… and most of the time it is important as that’s what helps us to pay our way in life and I know the ME thing as I have suffered for the last 20 odd years .. they don’t care what job you have it’s like talking about the weather

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