Happy Thursday

Not that I should be shocked by this but, well, today was boring, functional but boring.

Whenever I get a day to myself I just have this habit of filling it up with things I don’t need to do and not taking time just for me.

What I did first was to decide I would go get some coffee down town. On the way I thought what a clever idea it would be to go into the DVLA and pick up my new road tax so I did that. Then, coffee, only I didn’t of course, I headed off to post a letter and then coffee, only I didn’t .. I went to Halfords to look at some alloy wheels for my new car and then coffee? No, not a chance. Matt called and asked if I could meet him down town. He had screwed up his budget, can’t quite get to grips with not being able to spend the same money twice and building in some set aside for those moments, like today, when we find things didn’t quite work out as we planned. If I had taken the money he owed me, he would have been broke for a month which is just daft so hopefully I will get it back some other time.

I finally did get coffee, around lunch time so hardly what I had in mind at 08:30 this morning!

I got a call from Eleanor Lodge earlier which is where I have in mind to send Jermaine for his respite. As I suspected, they had hardly any dates to offer me and we only actually got offered an extra 18 nights in July/August so better than a kick in the teeth but only just.

This evening I sold the car which is really quite sad but we move on. So, the Citroen dealership in Northampton is totally shit and the car seemed to collapse quite a lot but apart from that, it was a good car with may happy memories, probably the best we have had so far.

My ex came round earlier, that’s Nick so remember cos I don’t plan on repeating all of this!

We had a pleasant chat, an OK evening and Jermaine has not been too bad.

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