The sun is out, the sky is blue …

I like warm sunny mornings, they make me feel that everything just might be right with the world.

Personally, I feel dead tired still because of going to bed late mast night but there wasn’t really a reason to, it just happened that way. OK, so there was trying to get this thing sorted (which I think I have done now) but apart from that, there was nothing that couldn’t have waited.

Will be picking my new car up later, hopefully that all goes smoothly. Robin is driving up from MK to drop me off there and I want to go over to see Tony later too if I can.

Picked up new car, a little Neon and it is just a bit special so I am a happy bunny.

Tony was fine, hopefully will get his plaster off in a day or so, his leg has taken an age to heal so I imagine he is quite pleased about that. Pete was there too which was a bonus.

I need new telephones but not sure which to get yet, I really need a set of 5 but the most seems to be 4 and if it had an answerphone with a multi number memory all the better for that.

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