Election night

I predict Labour has a majority reduced to around 72 by the end of counting this night, like I have any idea at all!

This time and for the first time ever, I have voted Liberal Democrat. Not because of Iraq or anything like that but simpy because I feel our Labour MP, Sally Keeble is too smug and doesn’t really do anything effective for her constutuants, she is more of a career MP than a local MP and seems to be far more concerned with how high she can get in Westminster than how low the rest of us back here in Northampton are going. This is not a protest vote, I realy believe Andrew Simpson can achieve great things if he doesn’t get corrupted by power, I hope not.

Earlier on today I bottled out of making a statement about an assault I witnessed on Sunday. Bottom line is, those that committed it would quite happily make our lives hell and I am not having a good enough year to be going through all that sort of shit again.

Earlier on I had a meeting at Eleanor Lodge to discuss Jermaine’s needs there, just a formality but a time consuming one which meant I didn’t have the time to do what I had planned to do but it was nothing that couldn’t wait until another time so I am not that bothered.

Apart from the feeling that I didn’t really achieve much today, I do feel somewhat better than I have in a while.

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