Feeling Sorry for Myself

On going through the all new outeverywhere (total crap and should be deleted) I decided to look at my linked friends and was amazed to see that one of my longest standing linked friends has made no comment about me at all in his ‘Me on him’ section. I am, in fact, one of the very few to which this is the case yet I thought we were rather close. To the world it would look like I am just someone he happens to know and I found that quite upsetting. I know it is just a silly internet site but all the same, it a public face to this person and who he considers to be a friend and why and I, as it appears, am not one of them. It’s one of those, I feel used moments. 🙁

Went with Robin to see a play last night in Eydon and it was really rather good, not perfect but then, it was the opening night. I laughed and that has to be the point, perfection is for another place, another time.

I have spent this morning catching up on some paperwork and am feeling terribly guilty for wasting around an hour of that time since 9am eating lunch and surfing the web, am I mad or something?

The weekend holds the prosect of boredom and I feel deep depression time coming on yet can do very little about it. Right now, the best I can do is get out and finish the tasks I started today.

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