Is that it?

In the morning, waking to the new day, the sun, the cool breeze, the birds, is that it?

Music that makes our spirit soar, the book that makes our eyes swell with tears, is that it?

Comforting a child when they are in pain, wishing for that pain to be mine, is that it?

That rush of feeling when our hand is touched, our cheek softly stroked, is that it?

You look nice, have you done your hair different? Is that it?

Happy birthday, I just thought I’d call, didn’t want to miss the day, is that it?

Dad, I drew this picture for you, it’s not very good, I hope you like it, is that it?

Why did he leave me, 30 years together, why now? You don’t need to see your mum crying, sorry. Is that it?

It’s not right, our children shouldn’t go first, it’s not right. Is that it?

Yes, yes it all is, love is all around us in the happy and the sad, is that it? Yes, that’s love.

(c) Steve Williams 2005

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