How Very Odd

Nothing at all went wrong today, that is just so weird … nope, I forgot, yes, something went very wrong but I am so used to things I forgot all about it!

Our Jermaine decided that he was rather fed up with using the toilet so he had a shit in the bath instead. I found him with a turd in the bath, another hanging and stuck to his arse pubes and his hands covered in shit where he had wondered just what it was that was falling from his bum.

You’d think the bath was a fairly good place to do it if somewhere other than the loo has to be chosen and, I guess, to an extent that is true. However, he was still wearing his trousers and pants and had managed to fill them too and when I finally got them off him ready to clean him up, he decided to get out of the bath.

It took an age to get him back in there again but I managed it and cleaned him up passing him over to Matt to redress whilst I cleaned up the mess in the bath and on me and took the shit covered clothes downstairs to be washed … apart from that … oh, and he had a hypo too so I had to give him a glocagon injection which is a ‘proper’ injection around an inch long, just call me doc.

But, apart from that, it was all fine and nothing to report.

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