Am I made, all this driving?

Maybe driving all over the south east is not the best way to start a weekend! Right now I feel totally shattered.

Of course, not going to bed the same day I get up is also not a good thing two nights in a row!

Went to Kudos in London yesterday and met a guy from Thailand called ‘Porn’, yes, really his name. He was very cute but his ex boyfriend showed up and was totally obnoxious and I don’t need that sort of shit so I made my excuses and left. From there I drove down to Eastbourne to meet someone else.

He really is a lovely man and he seemed quite taken with me. Had an enjoyable few hours chat and retired to bed very late indeed. Sadly, a relationship is never going to happen there. Factors that play a part in that are, mainly distance, very high up also is that he smokes which is fine, not complaining but I just couldn’t have a relationship with someone that smokes. As well as that, well, it was really fun but no fireworks, it was more comfortable than explosive and that isn’t a complaint, just an honest observation of how it was. I am sure I shall visit again though, I also have to remember that I have loads of friends and have been neglecting too many of them this past year or so and will have to make a better effort.

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