Nice to be blogging again!

Totally forgot my login details for this thing for a few days which was a right pain but here I am back again!

I was meant to be going to a meeting of the Motor Neurone Disease lot in the afternoon on Sunday but Daisy announced that her friend was coming around and he had epilepsy and really, an adult should be around so I cancelled. Then, when it was too late, she said he had called earlier to say he couldn’t make it! Oh well, it taught me a valuable lesson, I cannot afford to agree to do voluntary work that includes weekends at all.

Called MND this morning and told them that unless they could come up with something that involved daytimes during weekdays and also looked good on my CV that I was sorry, I couldn’t help them.

Cleaned the car yesterday and before I had a chance to drive it today a bird had already shat on the windscreen!

Coloured Matt’s hair earlier. It is not blonde as it should have been but rather orange which, as it happens, works quite well on him!

Dj started her periods today and I had to break the news to her that this does not mean that every 28 days he gets time off school!

Have a friend due here soon and really looking forward to it. It would have been better if we could have gone somewhere this evening but such is life I guess, we shall do something tomorrow.

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