Bloody Social Workers and so Called ‘Experts’

Did loads of prep for a meeting today and when we turned up, we discover they have changed the focus of the meeting onto something totally different and, worse yet, irrelevant to the point of the matter.

So, I spent an age turning it back to the agenda we had set and then found out that they were now needing another meeting to discuss yet another point that should have been included. So, more hard work getting that added to the current agenda so that all aspects are covered when the decision panel looks at the case on July 20!

My jumped up little social worker then tells me, after I reminded her she was supposed to update me, which she couldn’t arrange anything so we could go on holiday when we need to. Turns out, she didn’t actually do anything I could not have done myself. I got a little cross with her.

I set her a deadline to have it sorted this week and she said “I suppose I should, I am on holiday for two weeks as of next week”

So, I said to her, well, in that case, you will just have to delay your holiday by one day, apologies if that means you actually can’t go, ain’t life a bitch. She got a little disturbed by that, told me not to make personal comments, her holiday was her business. I pointed out that just for that small moment she had felt as we normally do, needing something and being told we can’t have it.

I suspect that rather than fighting our corner and getting us that day we need, she will actually make a complaint about me and I shall get a warning shot from her boss!

These people so miss the plot.

On an unrelated note, I have sorted out that misunderstanding of the other day, life is too short.

Had a Clinical Psychologist here this morning, it is possible that she is going to recommend that Jermaine does, on occasion, need sedation.

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