Midweek Blues

The weekend was as I expected it would be, too much time being a dad, no time for myself really.

On Monday I had to go look at a care home in Rushdon. It is a respite centre run by the health department rather than social services. It appears that this is even worse of an offer than those that social services have previously offered. Probably one week a month after assessment which could take up to 6 months, possibly more than that but they wouldn’t like to say but, if I accepted it, I would have to drop what social services are offering. The only advantage is that the health service centres are free whereas the social ones incur a cost of £7 a night.

Yesterday Robin and I went to Calais, France for the day which was most enjoyable but really tiring.

Today I have been rebuilding 4 PC’s to get them properly operational. It is really too hot to be doing that sort of work in a confined space and, the worst aspect of it is, the money I was given to cover the costs has been swallowed up by Matt using the house phone against my instructions and costing me a small fortune so, effectively, I am working for quite a loss here.

Jermaine is in a stress and has been having too many seizures recently.

Yet again I don’t have anything planned for either this Thursday or the weekend.

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