Weird Contacts

Yesterday I got an MSN message from someone I found to be most attractive but had been so long since he last spoke to me I didn’t know who he was and then he logged off.

Today I get a call from a private number on my mobile from a guy that knew my name but not a lot else about me it would seem. Before I had a chance to work out who that was the call ended and I still have no idea who it was … call back, identify yourself please!

Earlier I coloured Matt’s hair which was a challenge because of the end result he was after. I had to lighten it to near blonde then colour it purple then use a highlighter cap and low light it black! Then there was a mad dash to the hospital to get some more hearing aid batteries and tubing which was no problem and across the other side of the building to pick up a prescription for Jermaine.

We followed this with a trip to McDonalds for lunch, on to the doctors to get yet more prescriptions that they had lost so had to redo. Onto pharmacy to pick them all up and home again.

When I got home I needed to cut and thin out Matt’s hair and, as I speak, Daisy is having her hair highlighted by Matt, I do hope I don’t have to do a repair job on it!

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