2nd Week Day Trips in the Car

The second week we were sick of walking so we rented a yellow VW Beetle Convertible just because it looked dead trendy!

These are the trips we did in it …

Roque Nublo, the old volcano of the island and it was amazing because for the first time ever it was totally clear. We had excellent views over to Tenerife and Mount Teide and Maspalomas. The air was thin but clean and just a little cooler then lower down … I think even Matt, who, in theory would have the place flattened in favour of a theme park, seemed to get some enjoyment from it.

Puerto Mogan is a small fishing village that has been theme parked into something totally different. Not in a bad way, it is still very attractive, maybe even more so than originally but very obviously worked by developers rather than time.

I had the weirdest steak ever cooked in strawberries and banana which was strangely enjoyable. Daisy had some fresh tuna and now is convinced she preferred it from a tin. Matt and Zoey had Paella but I doubt either will be in a rush to eat it again.

(By now my mouth had stopped opening to more than 1cm which was making eating extremely problematic).

We did Palmitos Park where I and Matt were impressed to see a Komono Dragon, not as large as perhaps we would have liked but at least in the flesh (or scales) so better than TV. The fauna and flora was amazing, it seems to have grown so much even since last year. We also spent a lot longer there than I had done previously which really improved the enjoyment of the place because I actually looked at so much more. I do feel that the keeping methods and questionable as few of the animals seem to have enough space but assuming that side is OK, a very enjoyable day.

Aqualand was another excursion we did and thankfully not as busy as I thought it would be. The ground was even hotter this year than it had been previously and was impossible to walk upon so we just took to wearing sandals. Matt injured his neck in the diving pool. I felt sorry for him but, at the same time, it is useful for the kids to experience some pain now and then to understand the concept of what others may be feeling and show a little more understanding.

We went to a Crazy Golf course though cannot remember where and I doubt it matters anyway seeing as how it was rubbish. Worse yet, we were following 4 German guys that thought they were at St Andrews yet were the biggest cheats I have ever seen in my life and they were deadly serious about too.

Visited Faro 1 and 2 shopping centres and Matt had his first experience of successful haggling and I was ever so proud of him! Sadly, I have since found out that my effort achieved little more than me being conned out of an extra €40 than I needed to pay. Clearly my technique is lacking.

Lastly, we did a couple of visits to the large shopping Mall just between Playa Del Ingles and the airport. If nothing else, it had good air conditioning!

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