Oh boy, big step

I, we have decided to be dating and it is just so exciting but also, not a little bit scary as well.

Me and Nick have barely met yet here we are, boyfriends.

I have my concerns, I’d be stupid not to but really, I just want to go with the flow and see what happens. True, there is an age gap, true, Nick’s work patterns can only get worse, true, all manner of things could add pressure to our relationship but sometimes it’s worth that, sometimes having something to work through together can really help.

Met some of his college mates earlier. Nick seemed worried that I wouldn’t like them, that I would feel out of place. I really did like them and that crazy pub where I was the oldest guy there was really quite cool.

Today is the last day of Nick smoking before he wants to try and give up tomorrow. I really want him to but that can’t be the reason that he does, it would add too much pressure onto our relationship if he associates me with the pain he is going to go through to quit the weed

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