Kagoul Meeting in London

What a fascinating weekend!

I had the chance to meet 11 guys I had not already met and it was great to put bodies to profiles.

First thing I met Rich at Northampton station and we travelled down together going first to Paddington to drop off my bag where the guy at the desk seemed to be half asleep. After that I screwed up and got us to Westminster when I should have gone to Blackfriars to get to Tate Modern. That place is just so boring! Though, it may be boring but the company made it a laugh so not complaining.

Not everyone had met up at Tate Modern, there were still a few to join us. Martyn met us at a nearby pub and we then walked the river to attempt the London Eye but the queues were huge so we skipped it. Across Westminster Bridge and on the train(s) to Soho where we had lunch. The service was awful and I think we did really well to allow them their 10% service charge.

Back across to the South Bank to the Aquarium where we spent some time with the fishes, some of us more than others!

From here back to the north side and the Trocadero where my only experience of the place was the toilet for which I would have paid way over 20p for by this time! Off from the Troc and back into Soho for drinks at the Duke of Wellington where good fun was had by all.

Overnight Martyn and me stayed at a hotel in Paddington in what was probably the smallest twin room I have yet been in beaten only by a cabin on a ferry and then only just! Home today at around 2:30 having left the hotel at shortly before 11am. This is why I don’t use public transport!

Nick came round about 5pm and we had a wonderful few hours together watching Bill Bailey then we said our goodbye on the doorstop in view of some chavs and that was just about what I did this weekend!

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