Single Again

Today I was woken by Pete visiting which was great, love Pete to bits and I’d get out of bed for him any time of day or night and as it was after 9am I can hardly complain!

He seemed to be OK, as usual, we could hardly think of anything to say but I am glad he visited all the same.

After he left I dealt with Jermaine, changed his nappy and stuff like that, all OK there.

Was reading through Nick’s blog and then Charlie turned up, we had a nice chat for some time. I made drinks and cleared up, put things away etc.

Nick was still in bed until gone midday, when he got up I had to make drinks again and then they were all playing cards in the lounge and I was in the kitchen repairing a leak and it got me to making the decision I have been building to for days, me and Nick are not working together. He’s lovely and I really do like him but as a couple we are not working because I feel that we each of us have too many pressures to be doing the relationship thing now with anyone other than someone that is just about already in the same wavelength as we are, making so many changes as we have had to have made is not healthy or sustainable.

So, sad as it is, I am single again.

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