What a wonderment of a weekend

Had a friend over earlier, someone that has one hell of a journey to get here and I really appreciate his visits. He also has really good taste in cars! (We both have the same car)

It’s really good to be able to sit down and chat to someone, I mean, someone that is on the same level, someone I feel understands me and I think I can empathise with him too.

Went for a meal at Brampton Halt, it’s always good in there and this time I discovered for the first time that they have a no smoking area so that as even better. Not sure if you have been there? It’s just outside Chapel Brampton in Northants between the A 5199 and the A 508 and right on the railway line to Lamport where steam trains still run. It’s a lovely little pub and well worth a visit, I can even allow them the occasional sport they have on the new plasma TV they have though it does seem strangely out of place in there. Meals range from £7 – 15 for a main course with a limited but adequate selection of meals.

Visited the Boston Clipper, Northampton’s premier gay pub earlier (I say ‘premier’, that is only because it is Northampton’s ‘only’ gay pub). We left just before 9 and it was still dead then, just a lesbian couple, a few gay guys and some straights.

Spoke to yet another friend later on and had a laugh on Kagoul. He is coming over here from Suffolk next weekend with even yet another friend and it’s just really exciting to have so many new people in my life. It’s like as one book closes, another opens in my life. I am pleased to say that the old book is still being read too so that’s even better.

Hoping for a lay in tomorrow, I mean, one I can wake up from without having to start work straight away.

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